By: Dra. Palmira S. Ubiñas , Presidente/Fundadora AIPEH


On its historic 10th Anniversary Celebration, AIPEH (International Association of Hispanic Art and Culture, Poets and Writers)—will ignite the Hispanic Cultural Torch of enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration and imagination—thereby, setting a precedent for the first time ever in the history of this noble Nation that will be remembered by generations to come!


The Hispanic CULTURAL torch will travel the world for an entire year of celebration of AIPEH’s 10th Anniversary! The mission is to provide enlightenment, unity, peace and love to all!


The Hispanic Cultural Torch will be light in Orlando, Florida, during the Hispanic Heritage Month (September 2017). Its worldwide journey will end at the 5th Hispanic Festival “Viva the Arts Festival” (Orlando), in October, 2018.


The Torch first stop will be in Washington DC (October 5th, 2017), where AIPEH members and friends, together with the “Arts Muse”, Dr. Palmira S. Ubiñas, will visit the USA Congress, and pass the torch to Congressman Darren Soto, and from there to PRFAA. (pending)


From DC, the group will travel to New York to visit: the United Nations, CUNY- Center for Puerto Rican Studies of the Hunter College, Puerto Rican House of Culture, and the Statue of Liberty, ending with the participation at the Hispanic Parade, on Sunday, October 8.

The torch will then head to Spain in November, where it will be received by Lucy Carlosama, ASORBAEX  President and AIPEH’s World Ambassador. She will in turn, deliver the torch to Excmo. Hon. Santiago Llorente, Major of Leganes, Madrid. Then, ASORBAEX, together with AIPEH’s Vice President Rafael Picon, will take it to Alcala de Henares, Granada, Sevilla, Valladolid. From there to Jordania, where the torch will be handed over to AIPEH’s Ambassador and professor at Yarmouk University, Jordania, Dr. Ali-El-Schboul, ending its 2017 journey. The schedule for 2018 will be given later on.


Torch history: From ancient times, the torch has had a same meaning representing spiritual enlightenment and knowledge, being the most popular the iconic torch of the Olympic Games. The tradition of that torch originated in the Temple of Hera at Olympia, where the flame burned during the Olympic Games. In the other hand, AIPEH intends in establishing the tradition of illuminating others with the power of our greate Hispanic CULTURAL Torch, and through the artistic xpression of individual talents.


Our Vision of culture: For us, culture is the compendium of ideas, traditions and customs which characterize cities and Nations and distinguish them from others, being the prototype of creativity, imagination, intelligence, spirit, and sensitivity. Culture is the base and the foundation of our societies, representing who we are. Is the way of how human behaves and develop their unique environment, building up a better world for humanity!


INFO: www.aipeh.org   aipeharts@gmail.com   texts: 407 353-2854








AIPEH es auspiador de la V Feria del Libro Dominico Hispana de OLAS-el 21 y 22 de octubre, 2017 en el Hotel Crown Plaza, Int'l Drive. Expo libros/arte/artesanía. Entrada gratis. ver www.olasonline.org

Junta Directores Arte y Cultura del Condado Orange

La Dra. Palmira Ubinas,(cuarta de izq a der,.sentada) es Miembro del Concilio de Arte y Cultura del Condado Orange en representación de la Alcaldesa Teresa Jacobs.

Premios Quixote de Oro AIPEH, 2015

Expo en la Camara de Comercio Hispana en el Centro de convenciones de Orlando Fl. 

Entrega de la Proclama del Senado de Puerto Rico por el Alcalde de Isabela Hon Carlos Delgado Altieri

AIPEH esta en la capsula  del tiempo del Condado Orange que se abrirá en el 2063 y en la del Estado de La Florida que se abrirá en el 2095

Congresista Alan Grayson entrega a Palmira premio especial del Congreso USA

Palmira recibe reconocimiento como uno de los 100 Puertoriqueños destacados en USA del Hunter College en New York

Dra. Palmira S. Ubinas fue invitada de Honor del Día de Puerto Rico en el Capitolio en Tallahassee, 2011

Senador Daren Soto ( a la izq ) y el Gobernador de la Florida Rick Scott 

AIPEH fue artífice directo del proyecto Pabellón de Puerto Rico en Epcot

Premios y Reconocimientos otorgados a AIPEH en el 2016